Title Version Author
ATI Universal Fix (1.0) 1.0 Zlyden
Auto Replier (1.0) 1.0 [LC] Accident
Auto Replier (1.1) [LC] Accident
Auto Replier (v1.2B) [LC] Accident
Bael's Skinning Tutorial Video Bael
BindMaP JK3 (1.0.6) 1.0.6 mEo
Brush Scripting Tutorial T551
Captracker v0.4b Ensiform and teh 1337
ChatScript Scriptrunner Phred
Connex (0.9.5) 0.9.5 KimberlySolo
Console Spawn Lisper
DJC All Maps ZypHer
Dyno Site ORCHID
Effects Commands for GTK Radiant (1.0) 1.0 Hudaw
ETWC VampiroX
FrostyT's NPC List FrostyT
Game Clan Organiser Samaul
Game Type Extensions Cons
Games Folder 0.31 Alpha 3 Eclipse
GLA Pack Keshire
GTKRadiant 1.5 Mapping Tutorial Kaitos
How to Install a PK3 Thinking
How to Skin - in Swedish! [ToJ]Shadow
How-To: Model in SP Trauma Sensei
HyperSpace ScreenSaver (1.0) 1.0 Zlyden
JA Screenshot and Camera Commands (1.0) 1.0 jenny03060
JACustomiser David J Murphy
JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker JAM
JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker (v1.0) JAM
JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker (v2) v2 JAM
JAM's JK2/3 Kill Tracker (v3.0) v3.0 JAM
JAM's JK2/JK3 Kill Tracker (v3.0 FIXED) v3.0 FIXED JAM
JAMM - Jedi Academy Mod Manager (1.0) 1.0 JimiF
JAMM - Jedi Academy Mod Manager (v0.4) v0.4 JimiF
JAMM - Jedi Academy Mod Manager (v0.5) v0.5 JimiF
Jedi Academy Cursors for Windows *VaS*Bear
Jedi Academy Minimizer Deathwish (B)
Jedi Academy Minimizer -=S=-Blind Aging Warrior
Jedi Academy Mod Manager (JAMM) (0.6) 0.6 JimiF
Jedi Academy Rcon, Cheats and Media Commands Ghost_99
Jedi Academy Version Rotator OhioJedi
Jedi Amp (v1.2.6) v1.2.6 Mr.Blik
Jedi Amp (v1.2.9) v1.2.9 Mr.Blik
Jedi Amp v1.2.5 Mr.Blik
JK-Launch (5.00) 5.00 Jimbobslimbob
JK-Launch (5.02) 5.02 Jimbobslimbob
JK-Launch Mod Manager (5.11) 5.11 Jimbobslimbob
JK3 Cheats and Commands Cool cD
JK3 Cheats Special Version Cobra
JK3 color-writer leagman1
JK3 Hidden Skins Sir Cursealot
JK3 Reference Booklet Paulius G Stepanas
JK:JA Skinning Tutorial ^DIL^y0sh!
JKA Animation Fileset Keshire
JKA JA+ Teleportation Scripts Generator Gamall
JKA-Config-Maker Sorrow
JKFiles Readme Template for GaTeX Gamall
Lazy Chat v1.0 Michael Hawkins
Lightsaber Building Tutorial in SPANISH AJK I Daniel
Lugormod Building Utility (2.8) 2.8 Hunter122
Lugormod Building Utility v3.0.5 (3.0.5) 3.0.5 Hunter122
Map Lister Misanthropic Revan
MauDae's JK3 Killtracker (1.0) 1.0 Mau dae
Menu Script Tutorial (part 1) JaedenRuiner
ModBin Installer (0.9) 0.9 JimiF
Movie and Demo Making Tutorial Ocho
Music Changer (Beta) Beta Samuel Dravis
Name Changer (1.0) 1.0 [LC] Accident
Necrotics ReadMe Creator Necrotic
No Intro Video Dark_Maul
NPC Tool Open Beta Kal El
NPC Tool v1.0.0.116 Kal El
Phoenix Lugor Utility (2.1 BETA) 2.1 BETA Count Konnan
Push Power Changer Utillity (1.1) 1.1 AshuratheHedgehogDX
Q3E Minimizer (1.30) 1.30 TiM
Q3E Minimizer (v1.45) v1.45 TiM
Q3E Minimizer (v1.50) v1.50 TiM
Q3E Minimizer (v1.51) v1.51 TiM
Q3E Minimizer v1.20 TiM
Q3E Minimizer v1.40 TiM
Q3server Port Scanner Gamall
RealJedi Source Code Release Acrion Trusen
SD Clan Info Package Balabath
Siege Desert Lugormod Prefab (1.0) 1.0 Khyron Jinn
Skinning Tutorial - In Estonian! Wol'Verine
Smarsch's LogFile Converter for JKA SMARSCH
Spawn Script (3.0) 3.0 {DX}Ghost
Special Characters List YanGreen
t!CT@c´s Chatexpander (Version 0.6 BETA) Version 0.6 BETA Florian 't!CT@c' Quinkertz
Teleporter Tutorial ValmaR
The Academy (v2) and Sith Council (v2) Coordinates _Anakin_
The Modview Saber Infinity Blade
Throwable Stuff Assets Jose Carlos
Tutorial Bookmarks Unknown / Anonymous
VB JKA Simple Easy Minimizer Unknown / Anonymous
X3nos ReadMe Creator V3.0 X3no
X3nos ReadMe Creatorv2 X3no