Extending the Scope

Sat 05 July 2014 in Other. Tags: this website. By mrwonko.

I just realized I should more often do things beyond just keeping a journal on this blog. My life isn't really interesting enough for that to be valuable to anybody, at least at the moment. Sure, when interesting things happen to me that may be worth writing about... But there's so much more I can write.

In particular, I should more often comment on things that matter to me. Be it news, events, ideas, some game I've played, whatever. Sharing some of my thoughts on different matters is probably more interesting than what minor thing I've done this fortnight.

Of course I already do that to a degree. Briefly mentioning what I thought of some game I've played and so on. I just think I should expand on that.

I'll try to do that in the future.

So long,



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