University Summer Semester 2013

Tue 01 October 2013 in University. Tags: University, Computer Graphics, Discipline. By mrwonko.

So what happened in Uni last Semester, the 4th one? Nothing extraordinary, I still don't lag behind and pass my exams... mostly. In 3rd semester I even started hearing lectures before their designated semester since they fit my schedule and I had few exams. I continued doing so, resulting in a somewhat calmer 5th and 6th semester.

Last semester, I decided to hear Computer Graphics 1 early. My course, Computer Science, usually does not include Computer Graphics 2, so I took CG 1 early so I can voluntarily hear CG 2 this semester. I learned some decade old OpenGL 1.2 and how Raytracing is so much simpler, as well as some theoretical equations.

I also wrote the CG 1 exam. Remember those theoretical equations I talked about? I didn't. Having programmed in OpenGL since 2005 I was fairly confident and lazily didn't learn much. And that's how I failed an exam for the first time. I've got two more tries so I hope this will serve as a wake-up call. It's a good thing I wrote it early, this way I'll still be done in time.

You see, I have this "good enough" attitude where I tend to do as little work as possible. I could do so much better, since I'm not really having trouble to begin with. I prefer to have more spare time, apparently... Which would be okay if I used it to make stuff that could go in my portfolio or otherwise help me grow, but I spend way too much time surfing and playing Dota 2. Well, Dota 2 is fine, but I have so many projects I'd like to be finished and I'm doing so little to finish them. And then there's all the planned future projects...

So yeah, tl;dr: I need to get my priorities straight. Be more disciplined. Work towards my goals.



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