Oculus Rift

Tue 01 October 2013 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, Oculus Rift. By mrwonko.

I'm easily sold on innovative technology, apparently. 2 years ago I bought the Razer Hydra because it seemed like a cool idea. Precise absolute 6DOF tracking? Yay! Think of all the cool things I could program for that! Intuitive modelling, lightsaber wielding and much more! In the end I never actually used it much...

So in early April, when the first Oculus Rift developer kits had been shipped, I got pretty hyped. Another technology with potential! Virtual reality! I totally need to support that! And that's the story of how I bought a devkit.

It arrived in early August and needless to say I haven't used it much so far. Or made anything for it. I don't really regret getting it, but that may just be the post-purchase-rationalization speaking. Well, here's hoping it'll be of some use to me in the coming year, before the consumer version is out, because otherwise I should've just waited for that.



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