It's been a loooong time... again.

Sun 01 September 2013 in Other. By mrwonko.

So once again it's been over half a year since I last wrote something. I originally planned to write a wall of text, but just as nobody would be bothered to read that I couldn't be bothered to write it. So I'll write multiple small entries instead.

After reading advice on keeping a journal so I can later look back at my life I realized that this is very much that, so yay me for blogging, eh? If only I'd keep it up. Like so much else. I tend to procrastinate, unfortunately. For example I've meant to start writing down my knowledge on Jedi Academy modding for about a month now. Alas, I still haven't done it. I'm probably amongst the most knowledgeable Jedi Academy modders and a lot of the old tutorials are no longer available so I should get to it. Well, first I'll try to update this blog.



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