Do I fulfill Valve's requirements?

Sat 21 April 2012 in Other. Tags: Valve. By mrwonko.

Michael Abrash may not have done his post on the things Valve is looking for in potential employees yet, but another source came up: Valve's Handbook for new employees. As the title suggests, it's supposed to help new employees understand how things work at Valve. That includes tips on how to approach hiring, because as always employees are free to do what they feel is best, which includes the hiring process.

They've got quite the requirements, but that's understandable given their lack of hierarchy and the high individual responsibility - not everyone can work that way and people who can't may cause substantial damage.

To work at Valve I should be:

So in conclusion I'm not someone they'd hire on the spot, but I may have a chance. But who am I to say that? In order to get a better opinion I just contacted Valve, asking whether they'd evaluate me and give me some tips on how I should improve in the coming years so I can join them after uni. I'll also try to talk to them some more at Gamescom, maybe do a dummy-interview, though that won't work spontaneously. I'll have to see about that.

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