Tue 18 January 2011 in Programming. Tags: Programming, Ludum Dare. By mrwonko.

Just recently I saw a talk about not telling your goals. It basically claims that you already get all the positive feedback you'd ever want when you tell someone your plans, making actual execution unnecessary. Luckily I don't ever get any feedback (besides spam) on this blog so I might as well post my plans.

This weekend I'm going to participate in the Mini Ludum Dare 23, a 48h game making competition. I'm curious if I'll be able to build a game from ground up using SFML in 48 hours.

And yesterday TIGSource was recommended to me, it's supposedly a nice community of game developers. Just minutes after that they announced a competition, the Versus Competition. Its goal is the creation of a competitive multiplayer game. I know that I'd better look into multiplayer some day and this seems like a good opportunity. It will end on the 27th of February.

The next day my final written exams in school, the "Schriftliches Abitur", will take place. I'm pretty confident that I'll do good, even without spending much of my spare time learning. May do it anyway, but I'll likely still have enough time for the Versus TIGCompo.

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