GTK Radiant 1.6

Mon 12 September 2011 in Programming. Tags: Jedi Academy, Programming, GTK Radiant. By mrwonko.


Jedi Academy mappers probably know this: There are two popular versions of the GTK Radiant map editor, 1.4 and 1.5. Some mappers - mostly the old ones like me, who got used to it - prefer 1.4, other prefer 1.5. The latter is different, but not necessarily better. Or worse.

Either way, those sticking to 1.4 sometimes experience trouble on Windows 7/Vista - most prominently the save bug which prevents saving unless you use the GTK file dialog instead of the Windows one, but then you have to remember to add .map to the filenames.

What most Jedi Academy mappers probably don't know: There's a GTK Radiant 1.6, a.k.a. ZeroRadiant (hosted on idsoftware's zerowing), based on 1.4. I believe it started out as an open source version of 1.4 which has since been improved, but I don't really know everything that's been changed. What I do know: The save bug is fixed.

So yesterday I spent the evening trying to compile it and set it up for Jedi Academy - successfully! I think I'll be using it henceforth.

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It has since moved from the zerowing to icculus and has official builds. So I no longer supply my ancient build.


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