Mon 27 December 2010 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, VVVVVV. By mrwonko.

I've finished VVVVVV today.

Super Meat Boy features Captain Viridian (VVVVVV's protagonist) as an unlockable character, that's how I learned about the game. As part of the Steam Holiday Sale it's available in the Indie 2D Pack for 4,50€.

So I got that pack and played VVVVVV (and the others too, as mentioned earlier).  I like its gameplay in general, though the controls in Super Meat Boy are nicer. Which is why I want to unlock Viridan in SMB and see if it's any better there. Should be. Requires 90 bandages though... The other thing I really liked about VVVVVV is its soundtrack. Some of the songs can be streamed here.

If you like the trailer I suggest you check it out - for currently only 4,50€ you also get Geometry Wars and Galcon Fusion, amongst others. I'm playing a lot of indie games at the moment and it's a lot of fun. I ought to program something myself, maybe a space shooting sidescroller.



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