Steam Give & Get Sale

Thu 25 November 2010 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, Sam & Max, Prototype, Half-Life 2. By mrwonko.

Steam has another big sale, The Give & Get Sale, which focusses on packs of games. I already mentioned this in the last post but I think this is worth its own post.

Steam Store

As mentioned before I got myself Sam & Max Season 3, and by now I also decided to give Prototype a try. I don't have enough space to install them yet, but my new HDD should arrive in a few days.

I like how Valve is giving away Half-Life 2 for 2€ (if you buy 10). To celebrate this, and to see whether anybody is actually reading this blog, the first person to comment on this post  may get one copy for free. Or maybe not, that depends. But chances are (s)he will. Plus, it'll be the first comment ever, besides the 222 Spam comments blocked so far.

I feel I should also tell you about the 50% off everything sale at Telltale Games that I just stumbled upon, though that ends today. I bought Sam & Max Season 2, now I've got all 3 seasons. Got it even cheaper because I already had one episode - due to a free giveaway by them. Season 2 for 10.50$ is even better than Steam's Season 3 for 9.90€ deal. :-)


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