Recently playing: Darksiders, Dead Rising 2, Borderlands, Metro 2033

Sat 06 November 2010 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, Darksiders, Dead Rising 2, Borderlands, Metro 2033. By mrwonko.


so I haven't really done that much recently. Been coding a little, things regarding Raven Software's IBI (interpreted block instructions) file format - didn't need to reverse engineer as much this time (compared to ROFF) since most of its source is in the Elite Force code which has been released.

Besides that (and surfing/idling around) I've been mostly playing games.While I was still playing Darksiders, which is a pretty nice game and has a good art direction, Dead Rising 2 arrived. I started playing that and finished it 2 1/2 times, though it's not really finished since you keep your character and I'm not the highest level yet. Forty-something. Had quite some fun in that game, especially that one time I played it in coop where me and my coop partner threw cakes at each other.

Then I got myself the Borderlands GOTY and had some fun playing that, and I'll probably have more fun with it in the future. Nice mix of RPG and shooter and has a nice art direction as well.

The other game I actually finished is Metro 2033. Very nice game, I remember the developers saying they wanted it to be as good as Half Life 2. While they don't succeed completely - for example the sneaking parts are too hard in my opinion, mostly due to the lack of feedback - it's still a very nice game. Interesting story/setting, too, but the end left me wondering whether things couldn't have been done differently. And appearently there is an alternative ending, so I'm going to play it again, trying to get that.

And this weekend Supreme Commander 2 is 66% off on Steam. (And appearently GTA games outside of germany...) I liked Supreme Commander, but from what I read about it, SupCom 2 seems to be lacking quite some things I liked about the first one to make it more... casual? To make more people play it. Well, I played the demo and decided to actually buy it. 8,50€ is not that much, after all, and I haven't played many RTS games recently.

Talking about RTS games, I'm keeping an eye on Valve's DOTA2, which is probably going to be as great as (nearly) every other Valve game.


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