Programming again :-)

Wed 29 December 2010 in Programming. Tags: Programming. By mrwonko.

I recently started programming again. Feels good. :-)

I've continued work on my input system, which so far only supported keyboards. Now I've got gamepad support, mostly. One important thing I wanted to have was XInput support, for proper support of the XBox 360 gamepad (both analog triggers, rumble function), but I also want DirectInput for legacy reasons.

Now I've got all that, except for rumbling on DirectInput devices. I don't have any DirectInput gamepads that are capable of rumbling. Well, I didn't. Just grabbed one off eBay, for a mere 6€. I doubt it's good but it'll suffice. I feel a little crazy for buying a gamepad just to be able to program, but that's okay. Nothing wrong with being a little crazy.

The only other thing still missing is mouse support, then input is done, I believe. Nice. Getting stuff done feels good. I still need to get more stuff done before I have something usable, but I'm getting there. I'll then start by doing Pong, and probably some simple 2D games, before starting work on that big space shooting sidescroller I plan to do some day.

But back to the present: I'm about to go and enjoy a concert by Van Canto & In Legend, looking forward to it. I may not be able to return though since the last train leaves at around 12:30am, I don't know if the concert will be over by then. I don't want to say I hope so, either, since that'd mean it'd be shorter... Nothing I can do about that anyway. I'm not going alone, some friends will go there too, so I won't be alone in Hamburg.

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