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Thu 15 July 2010 in Mixed. Tags: Programming, this website, Videogames. By mrwonko.

So I've got a website now. Finally. I used to have one at but it became unreliable, which shouldn't surprise me since Funpic is a freehoster. It also had annoying ads. If this page was ever to get annoying ads at least I'd be the one to get the revenue.

Wait. Let me first introduce myself first. I'm Willi "Mr. Wonko" Schinmeyer and yesterday was my 18th birthday. Being 18 is great, because here in Germany it means I can now do many things I couldn't do before. Like getting this website. Or a credit card. Or driving a car. Or smoking, if I wanted to. But I don't.

I can also get some videogames more easily now. We've got rather strict ratings for videogames here in Germany, though barely any games are really "forbidden". Way more are only on the "Index" which means they mustn't be advertised and you've got to ask for them, they mustn't be openly visible in the shops. The only forbidden game I can think of right now is Manhunt. That's why I can't understand how Steam refuses to sell some games on the Index (like Left 4 Dead) uncensored in Germany, while others (like Necrovision) are completely uncensored. But fortunately I can now easily import uncensored games.

Don't get me wrong, I think restricting the games that children are allowed to play is good, you just shouldn't infantilize adults.

Birthdays are great, too. As are holidays, which I happen to have right now. So I've got a lot of time to enjoy my presents, which include the great CD "Death by Sexy" by the Eagles of Death Metal and the book "Game Engine Architecture" by Jason Gregory.

Game Engine Architecture? That's right. I want to program games. As a matter of fact I already am, I'm just not very good yet. One book won't change that but it can help me on my journey. During this journey quite some small games may drop out and I'll upload them here so you can have a look at them.

So this website will mainly serve as my Blog and my Download Center. Some bigger projects may also find a home here, if I ever do any. I plan to.



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