I'm happy :-)

Sat 09 October 2010 in Mixed. Tags: Blender, Modelling, School, Videogames, Dead Rising 2, Midnight Riders, Zombie Driver. By mrwonko.

Lot's of nice things happening recently.

I'm back from a nice week in Amsterdam with my class. Visited some museums as well as the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, also ate quite some Italian food, had a quick tour through the Blender Foundation (and got a glimpse at all the nice tutorials going to be included on the Sintel DVD I preordered) and watched Resident Evil Afterlife in English and 3D. I also found out I like Jazz Clubs, I might visit some more in the future.

Now I'm back home and I've got... holidays! No school for 2 weeks. :-)

Remember when I told you about my entry to the Midnight Riders Video Contest in the last post? I told you I wouldn't win (well, not in here the blog, but I wrote it in the Steam Forums) - and I didn't win. But I did receive an honorable mention for "Best Use of Black and White". Yay!

I stopped having fun with Darksiders, because now I'm having fun with Dead Rising 2 which arrived shortly after the last post was written. I have finished it twice by now, once with ending D, once with S, and I'm not going to stop yet - it's a great game. Darksiders will have to wait, it doesn't have as many zombies.

Talking about zombie games - do you know Zombie Driver? I know little about it except that it exists and you drive around killing zombies. Well, that's about to change since I just won it, together with the A New Beginning soundtrack.

I'm off playing some more Dead Rising 2, see you next time!



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