Humble Indie Bundle 2

Tue 14 December 2010 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, Humble Bundle. By mrwonko.

There's another Humble Indie Bundle!

Included are Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans, for a price you can choose yourself, with the option of giving the money to charity. (Partially? Completely? Once again, you can choose.)

I'm going to get it although I already own Braid. (Not on Linux though. That's another nice thing about the bundle: You get the games on Windows, Mac and Linux. And completely DRM free.) I've heard good things about Machinarium, I'm interested in Revenge of the Titans and the other two games probably aren't bad, either.

So go ahead and buy the thing as well. And be fair with the pricing!



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