Free Game: Alien Swarm

Mon 19 July 2010 in Videogames. Tags: Programming, Videogames, Alien Swarm, free. By mrwonko.

Alien Swarm just got released. For free. Hooray?

Well, I don't know. Appearently I'm not the only one who noticed, the download is pretty slow. Once it's done I'll try it out and tell you what I think.

So far I think it's probably great. I like nice top-down shooters like Shadowgrounds or Alien Shooter. This one is based on an old Unreal Tournament 2004 mod whose developers were hired by Valve and helped create the Left 4 Dead series. Now they're working on Portal 2. And appearently they've also had time to port their mod over to the Source Engine.

So far every Valve game I've played was great. Half-Life 2? One of my favorite shooters, maybe the favorite. Left 4 Dead? Great Coop fun. Portal? Cake. I'm pretty positive Alien Swarm's great as well. I'll know soon enough.

I don't know if you knew but I want to be a programmer. A professional programmer programming for a living, that is. I'm already a programmer, I just wouldn't call myself professional yet. Well, the game's sourcecode is available for free so I'll have the chance to look at it and maybe learn from it. In fact I'm already downloading it.

Well, more on that later when I've had the chance to play it and look at the source.

Okay, now I've played it. And it's a lot of fun! I suggest everybody grab it, especially since it's free. There's a nice tilebased level editor included, unfortunately only one tileset is available. The community will create more though, thus fixing the game's biggest flaw: its lack of levels. There's only one so-called "campaign" (consisting of multiple levels) included and completing takes like two hours or so. Unlockable new weapons keep you playing though.



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