Christmas! Minecraft! Skyrim!

Sat 25 December 2010 in Videogames. Tags: Videogames, Minecraft, Skyrim, VVVVVV, Oddworld, Skyrim, Mass Effect. By mrwonko.


It's Christmas once again! Yay! More relatives are going to visit tomorrow, but here are the presents I've received so far:

So no big presents, but I like all of them; I currently don't need anything big anyway, I'm very happy satisfied as it is.

Thinking ahead I had already bought a Half-Life 2 10-pack and a Left 4 Dead 2 6-pack at the Steam Thanksgiving Sale so I had some presents for those of my friends unfortunate enough to not own those games yet. Since I don't have 10 friends without Half-Life 2 my free Half-Life 2 for the first non-spam comment offer still stands. That also means I needed some other presents for the other friends. Luckily CS:S and the Overlord Series are currently on sale on Steam - which two friends of mine want. Or wanted. Now they've got them. :-D

I also just bought the Indie 2D Pack on Steam since it contains VVVVVV (which seems interesting) and is currently only 4,50€. Today I checked out all the games besides VVVVVV - I especially like Galcon Fusion, the pack also contains Super Laser Racer, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and Bullet Candy. Bullet Candy surprised me since it's so simple, I think if I keep on programming for a bit I may be able to write something similar, complexity-wise. Which means I may be able to make a Euro or two on Steam, soon. (Within the next year?) That'd certainly be cool.

I've also bought the Oddbox, since I played Abe's Odyssey a loooong time ago when it was on a videogame magazine's CD (which I've long lost) and never finished it and kinda liked it and it was only 12,50€.

And I don't think I've mentioned that I bought Minecraft (just before it turned beta and became more expensive). It's very fun, especially since after seeing me play it a couple of friends immediately wanted it, too. Now we play it together in multiplayer and have a very good time.

I haven't expressed my anticipation for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 yet, either. Since BioWare had announced that they'll reveal something at the Spike Video Game Awards I stayed up until 4am watching bad quality live streams. The game turned out to be Mass Effect 3, and I'm really looking forward to it. I totally did not expect the next Elder Scrolls game to be revealed as well, though. Caught me by surprise, in a very positive way. I loved Oblivion and spent multiple hundred hours in it, I just hope the new engine in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be (at least) as moddable as Gamebryo.

This post became longer than I expected... Guess I should write more often if I want the posts to be shorter.

Merry Christmas.



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