Modding Tools


Title Version Author
.map to .ase Converter Utility (Version 3.2 Beta) Version 3.2 Beta Yzmo
Arena File Maker (1.0.0) 1.0.0 Thesolis
Bot Force Generator lostingamma
Bumpmapping Tutorial Jedi_Mediator
External Data File Helper Documents Slice, Dice & Mince
GtkRadiant 1.5.0 Tutorial (v2) v2 Kaitos
GTKRadiant for Jedi Academy Raven Software
IBIze-mac (Mac Script Compiler) (v0.2) v0.2 redsaurus
Jedi Academy SDK Fixed NeWaGe
JK3 Chat Scan Unknown / Anonymous
JKNotepad Crazy Hat Productions
Modders Kit MeusH
Modding Tutorials Wyatt McCarren
Modeling/Skinning Guide and Tools Raven Software
NetRadiant JKA Fix (Mac OSX) The One and Only
Pakscape Peter Engstrom
PK3 as Compressed Folders Scooter
Q3map2 Graphical User Interface (1.1 Build 1029) 1.1 Build 1029 Darth Arth
Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 1) Keshire
Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 2) Keshire
Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 3) Keshire
Skybox 4-Pack #1 Isla Kamamee
Skybox Sample (1.0) 1.0 Morabis
TGA to JPG Converter RED SITH
Unofficial JA Development SDK seb(crea)
Wasabee's Skinning Tools Wasabee