Title Version Author
!REVENGE OF THE JAWAS! Bilbo baggypants
Attack of the Clones: Total Conversion Demo AotC Team
Battledroid SP Master_Ibonek
Chronicles Total Conversion - Demo Chronicles Team
Commando Academy (1) 1 Dominus_Scotus
Complete Species Pack Inyri Forge
Dark Forces Mod (Demo 2) The Dark Forces Team
Dark Side Perspective (Beta) Beta Bilbo baggypants
Dark Side perspective (v0.5) v0.5 Bilbo baggypants
Dark Side Perspective Mod v4 Bilbo baggypants
Escape: Yavin IV Darrow Linder
Escape: Yavin IV - The Lost Maps Darrow Linder
FlufMod 0.9.5 Beta JaedenRuiner
FlufMod Patch 0.9.5-0.9.6 (0.9.6 beta) 0.9.6 beta JaedenRuiner
Force Mod III Classic Edition v1.5 Venomous^Heart
Hercules & Xena Skin Pack Ryanoceros
Hercules and Xena Skins (v2) v2 Ryanoceros
Jedi Academy Update JediNoob124
Jedi Outcast Sounds & stuff Jedi_HM2
JediNoob JA Update V2 (2.0) 2.0 JediNoob124
JediNoob JA Update V2 *FIX* (2.1) 2.1 JediNoob124
Neo Dark Ages - Version A3.16 NDATeam
Order Of The Jedi -- Yoda Demo (1.0) 1.0 XZMOD
Qui-Gon Jinn as Kyle Katarn jashugan
Raschu's and Ashura's Steampunk Pack Teaser ((2)) (2) Raschu and Ashura
Shadows Of The Sith(SOTS) Darth Maul(DM) ~JaY~ and Drink
Shaman King TC Mod LSK_SLO
Single Player Dark-side conversion mod (1.01) 1.01 LABFITW16
Star Wars Chronicles Duels Pack 1 (1.0) 1.0 Chronicles Team
Star Wars Movie Duels (2 ) 2 Wector
Star Wars Movie Duels (v1.01) v1.01 Wector
Star Wars Movie Duels - The Original Trilogy - Demo (2nd) 2nd Jediwill
Star Wars Movie Duels 2 - Demo Wector
TK-231's Special Effects Mod V1 Base TK-231