Qui-Gon Jinn Customization

By jashugan
Date: 10-19-2008




Readme File:

Title: Qui-Gon Jinn Customisation
Author : Jashugan
E-Mail : www.jash89@free.fr
Website: http://www.clan-hcf.com/cariboost1/

File Name : qgjc.pk3
File Size: 36M
Date Released : 13-10-08

New Models: no
New Sounds: no but some are new or modified
Team Colours: yes
New Shaders: yes
Bot Support: yes
New Textures: yes
New Icons: yes
NPC Support: yes

Model: Toonces
Textures: Toonces, Spanki, Ravage ,Vladimirpoutinex, Jashugan

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Many people to Credit ? . I�going to try to not forget anybody.

- TOONCES for his great model. I�m a big fan of Qui-Gon Jinn; I use it since my first steps in JKA, and I hope you will be enjoyed to see it like that.
- SPANKI ! Nothing was possible without you man! The most of my work have been done based on the jedi_customisation_plus. I�ve adapted several heads from it on my skin, but it concern also some textures on boots, torsos, shaders and menu configuration. Thank you again for all that and your autorisation. Also, you�re a very helpfull guy. I�m only an apprentice Master...
- VLADIMIRPUTTINX for his great job on the �Crimson� skin. Heads are crazy, and I took boots and hands textures also, but I modified it.
- RAVAGE for his �Ravaged Jedi Pack 2�. Thank you for all; heads and torsos have been modified, but it keeps looking like your original job. ;)
- HAPSLASH for Obiwan and Dooku faces textures (maybe others?) . I found funny to see Obiwan�s face on the Qui-Gon Jinn model, don�t you? ^^
- MONSOONTIDE and KESHIRE for the Acklay textures. I�ve used it for one of my face, the Lizzard one.
- The AOTC team for the Saesse Tinn face (Toonces again ^^ )
- SHØÇKER for his Raking Scythe. I used it only for screenshots.
- -=NJO=-Drizzt, for his great sword for Drizzt Do� Urden. I used it only for screenshots.
- Thanks a lot to Donovan Newcomb (JaKaL) for his great gun, barret_xm109 . I used it only for screenshots.
- All Creators from Raven and Lucas Art of course. As spanki, I took textures frop the assets models to modify it. Galak Fyar and Weekay for example.
- Yuu, she knows why...


Description: This is a Jedi (and sith) Costumization based on the tex_quigon model by Toonces.

At first, I did it for myself: this model is the one I use since my first steps in JKA, because I like very much the character of Qui-Gon Jinn.
I�ve gone very much far than I thought at the beginning in the customisation, but it is for more possibilities, more fun. I have modified and adapted several jpegs from SPANKI and I took a lot of others pictures from others skins. It was a big job to make it, but it was a big pleasure. Finally, I made some textures myself of course, and I hope you will enjoy it. ?
I regret so much that is not any hood on this model, but I�m not so good in 3D work to make it myself.

Customisation part:
It takes only one line in your customisation menu, I didn�t want to take a large space in your menu, jedis. The most difficult in this case is to find sounds which go well for both jedis and siths faces. Not very easy...try it. I took some original sounds from the game but modified it to do it �deeper�.
You can choose between 32 heads, 32 different torsos in unrobed or robed, and 17 different pair of boots.
Sevaral face textures are extracted from the jedi_customisation_plus by SPANKI, but I made some myself of course. Easy, maybe you think? Not really, in fact. Of course the glm Model is not the same, and I had to work hard to adapt it on the Qui-Gon Jinn model.

SP compatible jk2 and jka!

Separately to the customisation models, you�ll can find original models, with their own sounds, that are selectable at the MP icon screen.
There are diffrent sounds for each of these models.

jashugan_default -------------- The one I use in my team.
Jashugan_holo ----------------- The holographic model
jashugan_quigon ---------------The original Qui-Gon Jinn model, but I outted an other face, more alike Liam Neeson.
jashugan_quigon_robed ----- The same with robe.
jashugan_toon ------------------ This is the toon model I made myself for all the fans of the Clone Wars cartoon ^^. Sorry, it is not in cell shading :s .
jashugan_toon_robed--------- The same with robe.
jashugan_death---------------- The customisation includes a lot of �dark side� heads, but here is the drakest. ?
jashugan_drizzt----------------- The Drizzt Do�Urden Model. Who�s that? Well, it�s a character from the �forgotten realms� universe, created by R.A. Salvatore. I�m a big fan of this dark elve (a drow). Sorry guys, Gwenhwyvar, the blck panther, is not included :p .
darth_jashugan----------------- This is my sith model, with the Ragnos voices.
jashugan_blue------------------ The blue model for team support
jashugan_red------------------- Ther red model for team support

NPC list:

/npc spawn jashugan_default
/npc spawn jashugan_quigon
/npc spawn jashugan_toon
/npc spawn jashugan_death
/npc spawn darth_jashugan
/npc spawn jashugan_drizzt

BOT list: this is the same names than the npcs.

Regarding to the MP icons and Shaders :

I took the same configuration than SPANKI, but with my name.( It�s my skin, after all.. ? )

If you dont like the MP screen icons, delete -> icon_shader -> and save the pk3 new ( the icons will still be there but without the effect )
If you dont like the head cloaks, delete -> head_shader -> and save the pk3 new


Not known
Maybe one: when you come back on your game, in the customisation menu, if the last skin you�ve selected is this one, you�ll have to select another before; if not maybe you�ll see bad textures. I�ve tried to fix it, but it is not very embarrassing.


Well, as I said before, I did it for myself at first, but I hope you will have su much pleasure to play with this skin than I had to make it.

Special thanks to SPANKI for helping and for all his job. You�re the best!

French voices and sounds are existing, mail me.


Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual
Multiplayer and Singleplayer MODS.


You don�t have to mail me or asking me permission to reskin this skin. Just give me credits in your readme file.
As many things in this work comes from the jedi_customisation_plus or others skins, try also to give credits to SPANKI if you take any texture from him.
Don�t forget to give credits to Authors for the Drizzt DO�Urden Character.

Drizzt Do�Urden is a character created by R.A.SALVATORE. This modification is not made, distributed or supported by TSR©, Wizard Software© or ATARI SA.