Deviant Mandalorian

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By Dark_Diablos
Date: 09-28-2008





Title : Deviant Mandalorian
Author : Dark_Diablos
E-Mail :
XFire : Whenlightfades
Website : - My account name on that is 'Tyrael', not the famous skinner.

File Names : Deviant Mandalorian.pk3

File Size : 3.79 MB
Date Released : 24th September, 2008

It is a modified skin previously done by someone else as a Beta, which was soon given up. I took it up myself and added/removed various things,
and tried to make it more like the design previously followed & added my own personal modifications.

It has single player support & a small customization. The head & the lower parts are where the real changes are, the torso has small & barely noticable changes.

Place the file as follows (Whatever your JKA folder is named)/Gamedata/base

If you don't have enough space in your SP customization just use this model command to get the default

/model deviantmando/default

The skin is based off 'My Mando Self'located on When Laam presented the Mando customization months ago
I realised I could make the version of the skin made already and make it more like the one in the picture. This was due to the option to choose a Kama and what not.
So what I have done is added new legs, added lights with a glow on the helmet, added a moving glow effect on the visor a version with a rangefinder, a Kama, made the Kama shorter, fixed the shaders (This took a long time, a very long time),
changed various things, added things I personally liked and basically tried to make it more like the design in the picture (located in one of my screenshots). I also darkened
the human face, giving him more of a tan (seemed to make his face more human as well) and added a sort of rag to go over his mouth. I can't really mention all of the changes, as I lost track.

All in all I spent a lot (I mean a lot) of time doing these edits, trying to get them just right, enough to suit me. I'm too picky.
The first picture (Icons etc..) does not contain any shaders, so it's not a brilliant white. Stupidly I just moved PC and forgot to take the main picture with me, so a picure I was going to use is unavailble to me, so you just see screenshots (above/below) with shaders.
If I used a white-like shader (which I tried) it would have been too white.
I believe this envchrome file produced a nice effect, and as my friend said - a 'SWG' effect.

The single player customization is nothing special. The heads & lower selections are more significant as they contain a helmetless version, one with a rangefinder. The lower part
contains Boba's jetpack, Jango's jetpack and no jetpack. The torso just contains small differences, something I just felt like adding, armpad removal and a logo on the side.

The sounds, yes I know they aren't fitting or amazing but I really couldn't find a devent alternative, as I was sick of Jango/Delta & KoTOR guy (wow I can't even remember his name).
So I just used these, yeah 'we're professionals' doesn't make sense but whatever, better than 'Take that!' 'I'm a greaatt Jedi!'

I attempted to get into contact with the author (even though he never mentioned permission needs to be sought), but I received no reply & still haven't. So most of the credits go to him for
the imperial mark on the helmet, recolouring and desaturations.

For the facial mask, I cut it from one skin and placed it on this, recolouring it a bit and editing where I saw fit. I found this in a skin pack I downloaded ages ago, however it contained no readme therefore disablng the ability to contact the author. I believe he might have played on RPG Zone, it would be handy to know who he is so I could credit him properly.
So full credits to whoever made the mask.

If any of you want to use the skin without the shiny shader, just go into GFX/Effects and change the 'envchrome' to something like 'envchrome3' (minus the '), then rename it back to 'envchrome' if you want the shader effect.
If you want to remove the moving glow placed on the visor, just rename the 'saber_glow' file located GFX/Effects to something like 'saberglow2' or whatever, then just change it back to the original name if you want the effect back.

None that I know of.

Oh yeah, this readme, after reading this it will explode after five seconds.
I always seem to write long stupid readmes,but I guess I use it as an evaluation for my file.

If you're gonna use this skin in something (a mod etc..) PM me before use, or as long as credit is given.

Darth Celarius, for the original skin.
Delta2094, for his picture and Mandalorian design and colours.
Kalos (Laam'inui), for uploading the the Mandalorian customization months ago, his different faces & the envchrome file.
Neomarz for his Ultima Clones.
Spanki for his facial texture which then Laam edited to fit the Neo Clone head.
Omeewan who created the Alpha77 Clones, which had the ability to customize.
Smoke, for the sounds he used in some Delta reskins he made ages ago.
Credits to Skinner, who created a 'mask' which I placed over a 'naked' face.
Buffy for reading my PM and taking some screenshots for me, thank you.

Modification Requirements
Jedi Knight Academy?!

I personally say to get the best view of this, you need to enable Dynamic Glow & Detailed Shaders (Located in options).
I believe I've said this for every skin/file I've release.