Lord Reelo

By SithLord223
Date: 04-10-2008




This is, as you all know, Reelo.
He is a Rodian.
A FaT one.
Who sits upon three hills of Nar Shaddaa, and whose armies are Legion, unseen,
in the shadows, awaiting to kill Kyle Katarn. Hes wearing a shirt, that says, Glory to Lord Fat, because,
of course, Reelo is FaT. Very FaT.

To install this... obviously very FaT Reelo, (And I hope you exercise afterwards, otherwise youll get heart disease), slap it
in Jedi Academy/Base. Just slap it in there. You wont regret it, youll even get a good laugh out of it.
This is for those of you who are tired of the old Reelo. This reelo is in a suit of armor.

Disclaimer: As Han Solo says, Laugh it Up, Fuzzball! I dont believe in disclaimers, but here it is anyway.
You see, a guy goes to the moon, he brings back a fat rodian, he names it Fat. He titles it Lord, and gives it an army...
or wait. Wrong story, wrong time, not here, not now. This is simply a fat dude named reelo. Well, you see, Reelo was once the fat
dude named Fat. The guy who went to the moon was Chewbacca. He died when he came back on reentry, because the moon slammed into his
space ship. However, Fat lived, somehow, by jumping out in an escape pod. Fat suffered terrible injuries to the brain, and became
known as FaT, because he lost his memory of how to spell Fat. He was then mind wiped by the evil Jabba the Hutt,
and put to work, believing his name to be Reelo. This modification is not supported by the inhabitants of Zonju V, nor is it supported by
Han Solo, even though he did say Laugh it up, fuzzball, nor is it supported by LucasF... oops. I mean LucasArts... Getting that mixed up with
GEORGE lucas. Not lucasARTS. Yeah... something about Lucas' f.... Never mind, this whole talk about farts is innapropriate.
But then again so is talking about giant monkeys that pick their noses with sticks. BUt oh well. Its not supported by the giant birds
that wake you up in the morning with their annoying cries and scare away pretty birds.... oops... mixing that up with something else.
I mean its not supported by Raven Software, etc. Nor is it supported by... how can vision be active? It doesnt even exercise! It has no legs!
It cant run!.... anyway... thats just my crazy psycopathic mind again. I mean its not supported by Activision. Anyway, that just
about sums up any legal garbage. Oh and one more thing: If you were to ask anybody for tech support, be they from
Raven, LucasArts, or Activision, they would tell you to jump out the window into a bag of dirty diapers.

Anyway, enjoy Reelos fatness, before he goes on a diet.