By SithLord223
Date: 04-06-2008




This is the Medieval Pilot Reskin of the Rebel Pilot model in Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, made by SithLord223.
It is meant as a joke, for obvious reasons. (Pilots were not around in medieval times, as there were no airplanes to fly), and
as such is meant as a funny joke. Currently, the following websites have permission to host my file:,
and, the Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy division of FileFront. If it shows up on RapidShare, ForceTemple,
JediMoves, or anywhere else, please be advised that it was not me that has uploaded it to there, and as such
it may have been tampered with. This File is the Authentic Version, just to clarify any legal issues, made by the original author
of this file, SithLord223. I cannot be legally held responsible for any damages done by this to your computer, but I do advise you
to know, that there is nothing contained in this file that is in violation of any law, and
no content contained in this file that is illegal, immoral, wrong, upsetting, or otherwise defamatory, disrespectful, or anything else.
If you wish to take a look inside this file for yourself, to see what is contained within it, here is how.
Rename the included .pk3 file to a .zip, and extract it as normal to see what is inside. All you will find inside is folders
filled with .jpeg files, and possibly some .glm or .md3 files. Jpeg files provide the texture, the .glm, and .md3 is the models that the textures
are placed upon. This is basically a Rebel Pilot replacement designed to look like a Medieval Knight.

Disclaimer: This skin is not supported, smelled, or hopped upon by giant bunnys in affiliation with: Monty Python,
LucasArts, Activision Software, Raven Software, or any other company. This is furthermore not smelled by the ferocious,
sharp toothed newbies native to the planet Zonju V, nor supported by the swoop mercenaries that live there. If you asked Monty
Python, LucasArts, Activision Software, or Raven Software for support concerning this mod, they would tell you to
jump out a window, and land splat into a sewer manhole, and land on the ice cream cone of a sewer worker. No seriously they would.

Proper Disclaimer: This modification is not supported by LucasArts, Raven Software, or Activision, or any other company.
If they were asked for tech support, or any other kind of support, they would not give you any.

Installation: If you dont know how to install a mod for jedi academy after lurking on Jedi Knight 3 files for so long,
and reading so many readmes, then get the freak off the internet before you get somebody killed. BUt just to tell you,
stick it in C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base. Thats all, folks.