Target Rosh

By Some Random Guy
Date: 03-01-2008




Here is a pretty good reskin of rosh. There's no arguing, because everyone hates rosh! YAY! Something actually works out!
He's got targets all over him so he's easy to kill. There's even targets in his eyes. I'll admit it, i paintbucketed...... I know what you guys are thinking:
GASP! PAINTBUCKETER!!!!! GET 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it looks O.K. for a paintbucketed model.

Npc support: Rosh
Bot support: Rosh
New sounds: Rosh

Well, have fun with this. I think it might work with SP.... I dont know. It might or might not. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT FALSE CLAIMS THAT I MIGHT HAVE JUST SAID!!!!!!
= P