ArchAngel (Scout)

By ArchAngel47
Date: 12-22-2007




TITLE: ArchAngel(scout)
AUTHOR: ArchAngel47

Credits: All i used was a swamptrooper skin, and sounds, so i guess the credit here goes to the graphics designers of lucasarts, and also a special thanks to my good friend d3athwish who taught me how to skin. thank you

Installation Instructions: place the test1.pk3 file into your lucasarts base folder (Default: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\...\GameData\base)

Description:This here is the 1st skin i made, it isnt much, i never really found out how to make the icon work out, so the icon may show up as a black square on the character selection, other than that I thikn its a god skin, and hopefully you will think the same. have fun.