Recolor of 'Major Kusanagi' (v2)

By Seizon
Date: 12-09-2006
Version: v2




Re-color (v2) of 'Major Kusanagi' by Graves
Seizon's Kusanagi Recolor (v2)

Seizon (Credits of original model and skin go to Graves!)

Seizon -
Graves -

Approximate build/skin time:
On and off over a couple of weeks.

Known Bugs:
For some reason, this skin conflicts with the original file by Graves. Simply keep only one or the other in your base folder. Also, the new shader on the hair has a bit of trouble with fog on levels such as Lugor's T2. The back of the hair becomes slightly translucent. I haven't tested this on Hoth, or any other levels that had weather effects, so I'm not sure how it will behave. I don't know how to fix this issue, so be sure to e-mail me if you think you have a solution. Thanks. =)

Other Note(s):
This skin is accessible through the console via the 'model' command:
model sei_kusanagi
model sei_kusanagi/red
model sei_kusanagi/blue
model sei_kusanagi/choker
model sei_kusanagi/angel
model sei_kusanagi/stealth

Date compiled: 11.24.06
Custom choices are now available! Check under the 'custom' menu on the profile screen!

A sort of translucent, mesh looking material was put on the stomach of the suit that she's wearing. I also added zippers to the sides of the boots (To make them seem a bit more practical. It would be difficult to pull those up over your feet without some sort of fastener. =P). The eye color was changed from crystal purple, to a sort of icy greenish color (the purple may end up as another custom choice in a possible v3). Lines were added to the bottom of the boots to give the feel of texture. 4 NEW jackets are selectable on the custom menu. I used various designs from the internet, and magazines. Shaders were added left and right, to the hair and to the jacket to give more of an shiny, anime feel to things. Nearly unnoticable brush ups were done to the skin to smooth things out. As subtle as they are, only I am going to know where they went and what they did... it would just give other people headaches. =D

New outfit choices are available as well. The newer, meshed versions of the suit now come with a choker option, and the classic, non-meshed suits are available from the first version, with the choker and without. A white, angelic style skin that I added goes along with a wing mod that I downloaded off of PCGM a while back. There's also a black, stealth type suit that has some fancy mesh work around her neck and down her side, with a darker color about her. All of these have their own original icons to go with them, keeping the sense of variety alive. The newer outfits took me the most time out of this skin, and I'm happy with the outcome.

I played with some of the sounds as well. One of the death sounds is echoed to give that Soul Calibur feel, and another has game over music from Resident Evil 4 (It's an ongoing esoteric joke between my cousins and I. XP). The pain sounds were moved around, so that the longer, more gruesome sounding MP3 is at 25HP instead of 100HP.

Screenshots and collages are included to show the newer version. But, I suggest you play with the skin in game to get the effects of the shaders and such, before you decide to throw the pk3 away. =)

I'm satisfied with how v2 turned out, and I hope the rest of the JKA community enjoys it as well. ^^
Tools used:
Adobe Photoshop©CS, Mac OS X Tiger's built-in archiving system, Jedi Academy MP application.
How to install/uninstall:
To install, extract the file 'Sei_Kusanagi(v2).pk3' into your base folder, and remove the previous version of my file. To un-install, simply remove the .pk3 file from the base folder.
Thanks to:
Graves for this wonderful model of the Major, JK3 Files for even considering this file, and the opinions of my friends that went toward some of the changes that I made for the better.