Scarred Cultist Ultima

By Amunimanghi
Date: 06-23-2006




===Scarred Cultist Ultima==

TITLE: Scarred Cultist Ultima
AUTHOR: amunimanghi
Email: amunimanghi (at) gmail (dot) com

Filename: scarred_cultist_ultima.pk3
FileSize: 368.5 KB
Date Released: 6-3-2006
In Windows: Put the scarred_cultist_ultima.pk3 in your base folder. The default location is C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base. (Sorry if I'm wrong. I don't use Windows, I use Linux.

In Linux: Put the scarred_cultist_ultima.pk3 in your base folder. The default location (If you are using cedega) is /home/name of user/.cedega/Star Wars Jedi Academy/c_drive/Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base.

This is is a reskin of the cultist. I was going to do it on the Reborn, but the reborn was too popular. I chose the cultist because it sounded good.

He has many scars on his body. In version 1, I didn't have a firm grasp (or any grasp at all) with The Gimp. The scars, as someone said, looked like the were painted on. I tried to make it look like they were actually cuts. He has some on his chest now. I took away the many scars on his face and just added 2 and changed his eyes from red eyes to eyes of lightning. I took away the white dots and green box because I thought it looked ugly and filled in some of the crevices in his mask. His arms both have 4 scars on each instead of one big, ugly scar. Same with his legs except there are 2 new scars. His feet I left alone because I couldn't think of anything to do with them.

====New in this Version====
Ok, I have finals in school so i sorta got lazy. :-D In this version, the scars actually look like scars. I took some scars away and added them in different places. Like the arms had 4 scars. I didn't like them, so I rotated one scar and deleted the other 3. Then I added a smaller scar on the forearm. When I loaded the skin in the game, the scars couldn't be visible so I had to make them bigger. Sadly, its still hard to see. If you zoom in a little bit with the disruptor, you can see them. Included in this package is the v2 and v3 of the Scarred Cultist. With the help of Donkey7890, npc and bot support is now available. Some people said that they didn't like the new scars and prefered the old one. The bots have chat ability so when you kill them or they kill you, they will say something. Sometimes it says it right away, while other times it takes a while. I also added color to the knee caps, changed the background of the icon, and some blue on the neck. I added my name in Arabic on his forehead because I thought it would be cool. I added bandages on his hands to stop blood from flowing. If I have time, I might make a different skin.

===In Game Commands===
To get the models type:
/model scarred_cultist
/model scarred_cultist_v3

To spawn the npcs type:
/npc spawn scarred_cultist_single_saber
/npc spawn scarred_cultist_dual_saber
/npc spawn scarred_cultist_staff
/npc spawn scarred_cuttist_pistol

/npc spawn scarred_cultist_single_saber_v3
/npc spawn scarred_cultist_dual_saber_v3
/npc spawn scarred_cultist_staff_v3
/npc spawn scarred_cuttist_pistol_v3
The reason I don't model or map is because I'm running linux and there is no good modeling program for it(as far as i know). They have ported GTKradiant onto linux but it just doesn't work. If you've gotten it to work or you know an excellent program, just email me.

I will also give credit to Ammar85, for his determination to make me make a version 2 and his help on the original scars. To donkey for his help with npc support. And to -=GJ=-Toki for his beta testing.

===Trouble shoot===

Usually there are only a few errors make that cause problems. Here are the most common...
1) Having the pk3 placed in the wrong folder.
2) Make sure you have the latest Jedi Knight Academy update, this is very important!
3) Make sure you have removed any older versions of this skin. (Although I doubt that anyone really did download this.)
4) Sometimes the model will not show up in the select menu, The Game loads them in reversed alphabetical order so just take out some skins/models that you don't need/use.

a m u n i m a n g h i
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===Legal Stuff===
You may not modify this skin with out contacting me first. You can contact me with the email provided above. I AM OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS, GOOD OR BAD. If you do modify this skin, include this readme and give me credit.