By Jk3 Apprentice
Date: 05-10-2006




Star Wars: Jedi Academy Skin

Title: Apprentice
Author: jk3_apprentice
Website: Http://

File Name: Apprentice.pk3
File Size: 5,079KB
Date released: May 9th 2006

Credits: Skin by : jk3_apprentice (Reskin)
Model by : Raven Software (Reborn_new)


Briefly described, it's a Reborn model with jeans, a sweater and sneakers (and my face). Scary, huh?
This is my official skin, because I always go by "Apprentice" on Jedi Academy. I doubt that many people will want to use it, but at least this way it's on the web somewhere.

First of all, sorry about how annoying the reskin thing is. It's only my first skin, so I haven't figured out how to create a model from ground zero yet.
Second of all, this is just my official skin, and since it looks just like me, well... I doubt anyone would really want to use it. But if you happen to play on small JA+ duel servers, and often come across the player "Apprentice", it may just be useful for you to actually see what skin I'm playing as, instead of Kyle Katarn. And this way, some of my friends will be able to get to this skin easier. So it's not like I'm really expecting a good file rating or high download count. I'll try to come out with something better in the future.


None that I am aware of. If you find any (Missing textures, sounds, smashed spider on the bottom of the sneaker) please let me know at my email above.
P.S. Sorry about the pun, I just couldn't resist.


Just extract the pk3 to the gamedata / base folder of the Jedi Academy directory.