Gangsta Lando

By JAWAMania
Date: 05-01-2006




Name: Gangsta Lando
Author: JAWAmania
How long: A few hours.
When: 4/27/06
Info: Ever since I released the Disco Lando skin (it was my first), I wanted to skin as much out of Lando as possible. As soon as I learned that I can turn off certain parts (accesories).
That was one of the problems with Disco Lando, I used MGI Photosuite and I never turned off the accesories. In Gangsta Lando, you'll see Brotha Lando with earrings, a sweater, sneakers, and jeans to make him
look gangsta like. I admit that the sneakers were better than I thought it would be.

Bot Support: Yes
Team Skins: Yes
New Sounds: No (due to not having rap albums when I am glad of) :D

How to install: Simple put the pk3 file in the JA base to play with the skin.

What to come: I will be releasing Version 2 of Disco Lando and Version 2 Gangsta Lando. Also, I am releasing a clan skinpack for (JAWA) to use (If you are a (JAWA) member; I recommend downloading it).
Don't forget that in the making will be Rapper Lando.

Special thanks to: MGI Photosuite, (for the clothes and earrings), Jedi Academy, Pakscape, Winzip, and for releasing the skin in their website.