By Theos
Date: 04-15-2006




Title: Theosmando
Creator: Theos
Model by: Mars Marshall
Time: 5 hours in total... roughly
Credits: Mars Marshall, Macromedia
Size: 4.14Mb


Description: Basically, inside the *VaS* clan we have now made a Mandalorian Team. So I went
ahead and made my own skin; Theosmando. Now, if you've seen my previous skins you'll be thinking
"oh my god, not HIM again!" but I put a lot more effort into this! It has Team support, BOT
support, SINGLE PLAYER support, NPC support, and the normal mando sounds, and my own custom
shader using bits and peices. Credit goes to -]RC[-Sparky* for the shader picture I used.

NPC: To spawn the mando, simple press down the console, and type in either of the following...
/npc spawn theosmando (for the enemy mando)
/npc spawn theosmando2 (for team mando)
both of the skins are using a Boba Fett class, so are VERY glitchy in MP, so I suggest you stick
to using it in SP. Also, to complicate things, I added two more NPCs with sabers, stolen from a
killed Jedi. To spawn this version, type...
/npc spawn theosmando_2 (for the enemy mando)
/npc spawn theosmando2_2 (for team mando)
these skins aren't glitchy in MP, so should be better to play with.

Installation: Simply unzip to your base folder!

Other credits: for hosting it for hosting it
Mars Marshall for the great model and skin upon which this was based
Neon for his support (leader of mandoteam)
*VaS* great clan...
Macromedia which I used for making this. NO MICROSOFT PAINT, NO RANDOM LINES (not many)! HA!

Contact at: (NO ADDS PLEASE!)

Enjoy the skin!