By KanePower
Date: 08-14-2005




Hi Guys my skin is up and its gd 2 use in the dark u can see the eyes but the HEAD i had proplems with

he has a big head becuse the hair size so i couldent make it shorter the eyes r hard 2 see but i hame gettin a Nunja v2.0

as i said hes gd 2 use in the dark the blood jawa before erm... i whanted 2 leave some of the skin behind

alsoi had a choice of BloodJawa or KillerJawa my friend likes ninja better then bloodjawa

i made this weeks ago i mean WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i made this 4 or 5 weeks ago >:D

anyway onwards(:D)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Need 2 use my skin in ur mods conversions anythin contact

got xfire add name
{DS}Kane{E} thanks 4 downloadin this

(told ya the next skin begins with a N hehe now ya got it (from comment) have fun!