Classic Teams

By Darth Kitty
Date: 02-16-2005




Model Names : Classic Teams
Author : Darth_Kitty
Email Address :
Mod Description :

These skins allow you to play has the Classic Team Colors (Only Read and Blue) of Dark Forces 2
With New Sounds From Dark Forces 2

Depending how popular this is I'll re-create all of the colors

If you would like to use these skins in your mod(s) go ahead just send me a e-mail and give credit thats all.

Filename : Classic_Teams.pk3
Time to Create: 1 Hour
Filesize : 1.552 KB
Team Colors : Yes
Custom Sounds : Yes
Date Released : 1/28/05
How to install:
Unzip the zip file and place the .pk3 into you base folder.


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