Black Widow

By Dowza
Date: 02-16-2005




- -
-= Black Widow Gang Skin =-
-=- -=-

INSTALLATION: Extract Blackwidow.pk3 into your GAMEDIR/GAMEDATA/BASE folder

Dowza (

Type: Skin/Reskin

This was made for Forcemod 3 RPG Server as a Gangster/assassin skin.
It is basically a reskinned saboteur with red patches and gold lining, with
the Gang insignia on the arms and legs.
I will re-release this with team support AND BETTER SOUNDS (ones that are in
mp3 format and sound good) when I find time.

Bot Support: No (coming in future)

NPC Support: No (coming in future)

CTF Support: No (coming in future)

New Sounds: Yes


Extra: I did not really need Team Skins but I will make them if you guys
like the skin. The sounds are in bad format, and I will update them too,
Overall this isnt bad for a first skin. IMO.
Also, the screenshots do not show the legs, which is one of the better parts
of the skin.