Vivi Orunitier

By Hydro Merano
Date: 12-07-2004




Hello, and thank you for Downloading the Vivi Orunitier skin.

I made this skin basically for RPing reasons, but if you like FFA,TFFA,CTF etc, this makes a good skin for ANY occasion, I made this because Vivi is my favorite Character out of the entire Final Fantasy Series, except Rydia. Anyway, this skin will replace the Jawa skin, so in order to use it type this in the console:

/model jawa

and it will activate the skin. Also this is not in affiliation with Square Enix nor is it affiliated with Lucas Arts LTD. This was made by me, for you. I hope you enjoy this skin. No Jawas we're harmed making this skin.....well....maybe a couple...but who cares? They have no union....

Hydro Merano.

Thank you and have a good day.

Copyrighted by Hydro Merano 2004