Plexkid Beta

By [CR]Halo
Date: 10-22-2004




Plexkid Beta/Deformed Comic Character for JK3

Skinned by [CR]Halo & ap,

-Time To Make- 30min. :-P
-File Name:
-Size: kb

Credit: Halo for his idea, DarkJawa for the final skin

E-Mail:(DarkJawa's) ([CR]Halo's)

Installation: place pk3 in gamedata\base directory

Uninsallation: remove pk3 from gamedata\base directory

This is a character I made when i was like 10 or so(and some how remembered!! Shockin' aint it?)
This is a Goku reskin

plus bonus skin comes with this to acsess skin type in the console /model plex/sith