By [)avid
Date: 09-07-2004




Title: Vanquisher

Author: [)avid (formerly known as Mr.X, please don't put this in the
author's name :) )


Description: A reskin of the snowtrooper to resemble something like a Dark
Japanese Ghost Warrior (or something :) I didn't want to make a damn
stupid fiction story about him, just his discription.

Team Colors: Yes

New Sounds: Yes (well a taunt, but later I'll add more sounds in an updated
version :) (hopefully :P)

Installation Instructions: Extract the PK3 file into your base directory.

NOTE: There is only one bug with this skin and that is since I removed the
cape, there is a tiny "rip" in the model's lower hip area that only appears
when he is walking/running. I really have no idea how to fix it, but maybe
someone could help me. I don't know.