Happy Rainbow Trooper

By Swampster
Date: 09-07-2004




Title: Happy Rainbow Trooper
Author: Swampster
Date: 6/26/04
E-mail: frednoseall@comcast.net

Description: This is a HAPPY RAINBOW TROOPER, a friendly trooper loyal to the smile-pire. They use purple lightsabers, and are part of an assault group called H.R.G.(happy rainbows galore). Have fun!

Installation: Unzip .pk3 from .zip into gamedata/base directory.
There are two(2) .pk3s. The Happy Rainbow Trooper that replaces the Imperial Worker[happyrainbow_replace.pk3], and the Happy Rainbow Trooper that has it's own npc[npc spawn happyrainbow], bot[Happy Rainbow Trooper], and multiplayer character[model happyrainbow]. This file is the happyrainbow.pk3. I did this because it might be fun to play siege with Happy Rainbow Tech running about!:)

This mod might also go well with the polka-dot trooper[by Bartender] on PCgamemods.com!


-NPC support
-BOT support
-Happy Rainbow support!:)