By -=Ghost=-
Date: 09-06-2004




JKA Skin - Ghost

* Author
Name in Game: -=Ghost=-

* ReadMe File Desciption
Hi, my name is -=Ghost, this is my very first skin that I sent to! The skin is pretty cool! I made because I wanted to be able to create my own skin instead of downloading ones off the net all the time. Just extract this .pk3 file in your Game Data/base (*on the computer not on the game cd*) This skin does not need any mods or model scaling but u can if u want with Ja+ Mod or some other type of mod´┐Ż

In console /model ghost that is the default skin
In console /model ghost/dark is the dark skin of ghost skin

Get Ja+ Mod here! =

If u want to ask questions or make comments please E-Mail Me!