Imp Avenger 1.0

By GarethCman1
Date: 08-08-2004




Imp Avenger 1.0 Read-me
Copyright Dude Creations, 2004

JKA modification by Garethcman1 -=DA=- (

To install:

Just place the file titled "Avenger V1.0.pk3" to your gamedata/base folder. The skin will automatically run.

What does this do:

This is a reskin of the merc from JKA. The merc now looks like a robot, except that he still has the form
of a human, this gives him a "living metal look". (know what i mean?)

Why does this do what it does:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Some stupid imperials decided to create a robot stormtrooper,
unfortunatly, the experiment went wrong, and in the end, thousand of human shape robots roam the galaxy. Many of
them became bounty hunters or mercs. The robots were nicknamed "Avenger" because they swore to avenge the pain
of each other at having minimal french vocabulary. In the end it all amounts to:

In a galaxy not so far away, about a week ago, some stupid kid made a weird skin. The End.


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