Sorrow Robed

By Leon/ ArcadianExile
Date: 04-22-2004




LEON II: Sorrow, Exile of Babylon!

Sweet title. Well, anyway, as it turns out, my skins have always appeared on the menu, they were just at the bottom for me... so!
no more worrying about /modeling. I HOPE this will be my final Version, as I think everything is ok. This is a new name, and
my old one was Leon on Check out my other work if this interests you.

*Permissions* I had full permission from Aaron Smith to reskin and rework his wonderfully done model.
All credit for the model go's straight to him. Thanks!


Alrighty, Here is my sorrow skin. For full actual title, see first line of this readme. Ok,
anyway, this is a sweet model i started with. The model is, Aaron Smiths Quinlan Vos. I completely reskinned it..
each of the team colors is unique in that it has a theme,
i will elaborate (i think thats what the word means)...

*Robed Description*

Default: Same as unrobed only with a white and red robe with a cross on the back.
Blue: Shaolin Monk, dark gray and blue robe.
Red: Blind goth-like guy with sort of a mini black robe with a red cross and a black hood.


*Legal Stuff*

Ok people, come on, you know the drill. This model is not distributed or whatever by raven or george "THE MAN" Lucas, uhh
They take no credit or anything if it brakes your game (which i assure you, it wont) ...Uhh this is processed by a third party
which is me, so only use this bad-larry if you trust my word. Blah Blah.... O! Once again, i did not make the model,
it is Aaron Smiths Work! uhh.. ummmm... THATS ALL! HAVE FUN!

~Your Skinner (whos not very good but hes trying)