Borg (1.5)

Date: 04-10-2004
Version: 1.5




before i released my IZaNaGI saber hilt for JK:JA. The saber is a bit basic but does look as if its an asimilated Jedi hilt.

I just hope this version performs better then the original even if it isn't a new model :o)


New Sounds
Bot Support
Team Support
Npc Support
New Saber Hilt

Known Issues

None the file has been tested like crazy and as close to perfect as it can be.


Add the borg.pk3 to your jediknight "base" directory usually found in:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
To uninstall just bung it in ya recycle bin

Special Thanks

To my princess Nikki, Thanx for the support and idea's babe!! X X X


Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this file in any way and neither they, nor i will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and i have encountered no problems in using this file apart from the bugs stated above!!!

Robin Molde 2004
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