Nazi Officer Skin

By {EJA}DarthVengeant{S}
Date: 01-09-2004




NaziOfficer Skin by: Greg Lehr/DarthVengeant

skined for Me
I am {EJA}DarthVengeant{S} of clan EJA

Bot support yes
Teams and Colors no
new scripts yes
new sounds yes

'2003 DarthVengeant

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also: Thanx to George Lucas and the designers of Nazi Uniforms.

| Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy |

Author : Darth Vengeant aka {EJA}DarthVengeant{S}


Clan page : or

| Skin Information |

Comments :This is a complete reskin of the Imperial Officer from JK:JA.
I made it for the hell of it and because I like the look of the WW2 Nazi Germany uniforms.
NO, im not gay, and no, im not racist. If you know anything about Star Wars then you know
George Lucas took much influence from WW2 Nazi Germany for the Empire, so if this offends you, then
so should he. Get over it or dont use it. Plain and simple. If your so sensitive about the subject of
some stupid skin for a video game, then maybe you should join a support group and cry to them,
because I dont want to hear it.


| Installation Information |

Put the .pk3 file in the GameData\base directory :

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

To uninstall, remove from the directory above.

** Dedicated to The Sith and Me **