Darth Mantis, Sith Lord

By Dary Braithwaite
Date: 11-08-2003





Title : Darth Mantis, Sith Lord
Author : Dary Braithwaite
E-Mail : dary_db@hotmail.com
File Name : Darth_Mantis.zip

Description :This is a Jedi academy version/update of the origional Darth Mantis skin (who was the Main bad guy in the Jedi Outcast Mod "Dawn of Darkness")
And will hopefuly appear as the bad guy in a TC Anthony Greene and I are working on.

Comments: Mantis comes with his own saber hilt..the one origionlly designed by DBerko, which was also used in the "Dawn of Darkness" mod
this saber is selectable in multiplayer AND the bot uses it too (Darth Mantis by the way fights with two lightsabers)
Also there are two NPC's in this pk3..one being Mantis..and the other being a "friendly" version of Boba Fett..you see
if you readthe "Mantis" document enclosed in the pk3..you'll see that the two f em are the closest they can get to being brothers
and wanted to see how the "Brothers" would fare pitted against each other.

I'd Like to thank Anthony Greene for his advice and help with this skin

Installation : Extract Darth_Mantis.pk3 to the \gamedata\base directory under your Jedi Academy game directory.

Bot suport, and team suport as well