Mod Sect Skin Pack #1

By Inpsyte
Date: 10-28-2003




/////Jedi Academy Mod Sect Skin Pack version #1/////

//Authored by: Inpsyte//

//Skin authors: Inpsyte

// description:
55 Jedi Academy Skins to accentuate an already good selection of impressive
work in the field of model texturing. These skins range from the atire of our
versions of the Dark Jedi of the force to the comical jesters from the expanses
of the Star Wars Universe. All original concepts and designs created for the
enjoyment of the masses. Much Props to Raven for supplying such a fun format
for us to manipulate and customize their products visual appeal. Dont ever
stop making this series!

To install extract the ModSect_skin01.pk3 to your base folder in the Star Wars
game directory

default location is:
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

//Release notes:
These are skins that were made by either creating new textures or manipulating
existing Raven made textures. We hold no copyright on this material do with
them what you wish!

/// Included Extras:

Bind Script Template authored by inpsyte :
put your binds in the

bind d "your bind here"

then bind a # key to
exec yourbindfile.cfg

and when the file is exec'ed it will set your binds
up as in the yourbindfile.cfg , this allows you to have
endless binds as you can just switch between your bind
files to change the bound keys, I use this to bind all
of my models as I have around 90 skins made.

//Things To Come : Look for many Maps, Models, MODs, Skins, Hilts and other Mod associated Jedi
Academy add-ons from Mod Sect


Bespin_East - By Inpsyte : A FFA Map of The Eastern Bespin Area , Ryuku District
this is a map that will be released for JKA and JK2
Many dueling areas and many secret areas

Debiru Hilts - by Inpsyte : two ill saber hilts for dual blade staff and
single/dual saber

Jawa Invasion - by inpsyte and ENMity : A skinpack containing a large quantity
of jawa good for any use , wash the car
or just squeeze some orange juice! jawa
will make your life much easier!