Dark Wanderer (one)

By Kyp
Date: 07-20-2013
Version: one




The Skin was inspired by the cover of diablo 2 box and I had an old piece of armor on my mind called
"arcanes armor" (from diablo 1 i believe)...
An old clan member of mine liked it so much he wanted it as his clan skin and hence thats why we have the pink one as default.
To obtain all the skins available, use the list below.each of the two different
versions use two different cool shaders.(and both have team colors!)Hope you all enjoy!

type the following into the console to obtain the other skins not in the menu.
/model snipe/red
/model snipe/blue
/model snipe2
/model snipe2/blue
/model snipe2/red

Sorry that i didnt rename the skins file name and make some icons but I havent
been playing JA at all but this skin is so cool (i think so anyway)I figured I might
as well upload it now before i lose it.If everyone enjoys it enough ill make an updated
version m/

(i also have a few other skins sitting around im gonna upload soon)
Anyone can do whatever they want to it just make sure you do a bad ass job!
And credit would be cool too for the og version m/