Nelaru (1.1)

By turquoise dragon
Date: 11-17-2010
Version: 1.1





Version 1.1

Turquoise Dragon


Programs used in reworking:
Photoshop 7.0

Place in ...Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase folder.

Remove from the aforementioned folder.

Basic Info:
This is a reskin of the Jan model originally from JK2, and later moved to JK3. As in line with my plan, it is made to represent one of my story characters. I spent maybe 4 or 5 hours on this, the tattooes being the most difficult part for me.

Character Background:
Nelaru is an agressive person, who enjoys armed combat. She is almost unparallelled in her skill wielding two double sabers at once, as well as her skill with throwing knives. Her bright blue hair is actually natural, and not dyed in any way. Little is known about her origins, aside that she previously shared many adventures with her close friends Magilerst, Forzinal, and Mike. She gave each of them a nickname of her own design - Mage for Magilerst (due to his extreme ability with every type of magic), Pyro for Forzinal (due to his liking of fire), and Scaly for Mike (due to his attraction for dragonesses). She is known to be romantically very close to Magilerst.

- changed default shirt coloration
- changed hair coloration
- changed pants/chaps coloration
- added facial tattoos, different for team skins, too
- changed eye colors
- removed vest
- removed 'computer' on vest
- removed goggles
- makeshift representation of her double lightsabers, using the base sabers
- NPC SUPPORT! (npc name = 'Nelaru' without the quotes)

Potential Updates:
A new model, making slight changes to the Raven model, namely longer hair out of the ponytail, no full glove, although there will be black leather half gloves on her hands, and 'chaps' that serve as a weapons harness, holding her throwing knives. I also intend to add in her two double sabers, as well as a model of her throwing knives.

Legal Parts and Pieces:
As the original model/skin was give to the masses freely as a part of the original game, I do not care if you use this skin at all for your own purposes. If it contains any of my modifications/ideas, simply give me credit, otherwise, all credit goes to the original creator.

This mod is no way supported by LucasArts, Raven Software, Activision, or any other companies that may have played a role in creating Jedi Academy. I assume no personal resonsibility as to any game failures, problems, etc. that may result from this skin, as it has caused none to mine.