Sintra Messon - Journey to the Dark Side (1.0)

By Darth Aesthetica
Date: 06-05-2011
Version: 1.0




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Sintra Messon - Journey to the Dark Side
AUTHOR: Darth Aesthetica

FILENAMES: Z-AD-SintraVM.pk3, Z-AD-SintraVM-NPC.pk3, Z-AD-AestheticSaber.pk3, Z-AD-Sound-ScorpDK-FemStormy.pk3
FILESIZES: 8.25MB, 1.14KB, 250KB, 940KB
DATE RELEASED: 31 Orgytober 2010

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the pk3's to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.

DESCRIPTION: A reskin of the NeoMarz Sintra Messon mesh.

SP Support: Yes
SP Hoth Support: Yes
MP Support: Yes
Team Support: Yes
Colour Tinting: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
NPC Support: Optional
Custom Hilts: Yes
Sounds: Yes

There are 2 models, jedi_adsm (version with mandalorian helm), and jedi_adsms (version with hair rather than helm).

The first model has 2 head varients, head_a1, the helm, head_a3, no helm or hair.
The second model has 8 head varients, _a1 sintra white hair, _a2 sintra black hair, _a3 no hair, _a4 white tintable, _a5 black tintable, _a6 ginger, _a7 white reverse tint, _a8 black reverse tint.

You get 3 basic suit colours (lightside bluegreen, neutral gray, darkside black), in 3 slightly different cuts (baremidriff & shoulders, bare shoulders, full suit), with a choice of 3 different skin tones (lightside, darkside, and extreme sith queen). This makes up the 27 torso variations, torso_a1a - torso_c3c, first letter the colour, numder is the cut, last letter the skin tone. The suits are all playerchoice/mp-team colour tintable.

There is also a 'bonus' suit colour, used for the hoth outfit, and available as an icon selection on the standard MP character selection screen, the Galaxy's LEAST stealthy holofield stealth suit... Just a bit of fun that's great in snowstorms...

There are 8 lower variations, lower_a1 - lower_a4, 2 holsters, right holster, left holster, no holsters, all with the jetpack. The _b1 - _b4 variations are without the jetpack.

So, from the MP console, "model jedi_adsms/head_a2|torso_a2a|lower_b4" whould give you black hair, lightside suit with bare shoulders, no holsters or jetpack.

Custom 'saber' hilts. You get 3 hilts, Sintra Darkforce, a light girly single saber, the Aesthetic Single Saber, and the Aesthetic Dual Saber. The Aesthetic Dual is also available in a 'Darklance Asymetrical Sith Assault Saber' configuration. The 'Aesthetic' saber hilts feature playerchoice/team colour tinting and animated lights so they colour co-ordinate with your outfit.

Darklance Saber Varients - Asymetrical Staff Saber. Blade lengths 36/18 (thats a total of 54, shorter than a standard staff saber). Does slight increased damage on the main blade, slightly more on the short back blade. The ready stance, kata and special moves are non standard (practice BEFORE that important duel).

A word on 'game balancing'. Darklance sabers differ from standard sabers, BUT... Standard single saber - blade len 40 * damage scale 1 = 40, Darklance single blade mode -blade len 36 * damage scale 1.1 = 39.6. Standard staff saber - 2 * blade len 32 * damage scale 1 = 64, Darklance dual blade mode - (blade len 36 * damage scale 1.1) + (blade len 18 * damage scale 1.5) = 66.6. Total difference between Darklance and Standard sabers is very small. Darklance varients are also slightly modded for anim speed, for that 'combat monster adrenalin junkie' look.

These are not super sabers, they won't turn you into a 'leet saber god'. If you're crap, you will still be crap, but, for those of you who are skilled, and take the time to aclimatise, these sabers should offer you a cool look, and fast and furious combat.

There are 4 bots included, each with improved weapon skills, force powers, and speed, and each further toward the Dark Side, and 4 NPC's for SP play (open the console 'npc spawn Padawan-Sintra' or Jedi-Sintra or Sith-Sintra or Darth-Sintra). The NPC's definition file is in a separate pk3, in case you have too many npc's installed (eg. you get the message 'cannot spawn npc weequay' in SP mode).

Base texture maps were frankenskinned from the original sintra textures by NeoMarz and the Asajj textures by Tobe (both original readme's included in the archive), sounds are the female stormtrooper (Tavion with coms effect) from SkorpDK's FemStormy skin pack (no readme in the original to include here).

Everything else is MY fault...

If you have any comments or questions, why not PM me at user name 'AestheticDemon', or just check out my cgi picture gallery and downloads.

Darth Aesthetica.

Legal Crap:

1. You may cut these items up for spares, unblock the sink with them, or send Sith Queens out on lightsaber CTF raids to your hearts content.
2. You may host this archive as is, without my express permission provided that it is offered as a FREE download, no fees of any kind required.
3. You may distribute this archive as is, without my express permission provided it is offered FREE, no fees of any kind required.
4. If it all goes pearshaped, and your PC drinks all your jawa-juice, hogs the HoloNet remote all evening, and sleeps with your Twi'Lek Dancer, it's not my fault and I won't send you any money.