Phantom Saber (2.0)

By SuBear77
Date: 04-19-2002
Version: 2.0



Title : Phantom Saber 2
Author(s) : SuBear77
Date of Release : April 2002
Email Address :

Description : A lightsaber skin for fans of the red saber. Changes the red saber to a translucent saber with a dark purple core and red spirals up the length. Also has a custom blur.

v2: Replaces red saber on the Player Menu with custom phantom saber

Note: Will change all blurs to the included red one. If you don\'t want this, but still want the saber model, open the .pk3 file with winzip and delete blurcore.jpg and blurglow.jpg.

Installation Instructions:

Add the phantomsaber2.pk3 file the directory C:\\Program Files\\LucasArts\\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\\GameData\\base

To remove delete the file.