Armored Reborn (Fixed)

By SM|Maximus
Date: 12-30-2002



Armored Reborn Readme (FIXED)



Name: Armored Reborn V-3.0
File name: armor_reborn(Modfied Jaeden Armorv2.0)
Developer: Mike Cantwell (modified by -]AoG[-Maximus{M})

Install instructions: Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base

Comments: Im very very sorry for the fact i did not include this in the readme i sent with
the skin so here is the updated readme.
This is a Reborn skin with the Jaeden Armor on it. NOTE: this armor was made and
distributed by Mike Cantwell. So before u give any credit to me for this skin, give it to
him first for his excelent armor.
I am very sorry that i did not include this in the other readme and will NOT happen

NOTE: i also fixed the hood so it has more texture to it, install this skin over the old one

*I will not make this mistake agian, once agian give all credit to Mike Cantwell. *