Ghost Ben

By Cody-Wan
Date: 08-07-2002




Title: Old Ben Ghost
Author: Cody-Wan

size: 1.14MB
Date Released: 8/04/02

Description: A skin of Old Ben Kenobi ghost. This skin was compiled by Liquid Schwartz. All I
did was add the shader file to convert him to a ghost. It works in single player
MODS and in multiplayer. It has team colors but bot support does not work yet.
Email me if you know how to fix this.

Comments: Thanks to Liquid Schwartz and all those responsible for the old ben model.

Trouble shooter: I\'ve tested this model and it works but if this ghostben model appears
visible on your computer try removing any other ghost characters you have and
see if that solves the problem. The reason this problem would occur is because
both shader files might have the same name. That\'s why I named the shader file
ghostben.SHADER. That should keep you from having any problems.

I also made a yoda ghost with team colors(CTY, CTF) and bot support. The only
problem is the bot appears fully visible like the reagular yoda skin. So if I
get enough emails requesting the ghost yoda I will submit it.

Installation: extract ghostben.pk3 to your gamedata\\base folder.